User Interface

Simple, lean, self-explained, efficient User Interface

high usability, classy menus

3 menu areas (functional, technical, favorites) parametrically designed per user, with theme personalization

user home page

Easy and fast configure home screen with any data, reports, graphs, reminders, transactions, etc. for immediate visibility and access to their most frequent tasks.

perfectly targeted views

  1. One-click export to Excel
  2. Hide/Unhide features
  3. Configurable visibility of filters
  4. Easy layouting
  5. Automatic graphs on numerical columns
  6. Automatic metrics for selected columns

navigating the documentation material

Navigation tool in all manuals, directly opening-reading without delays, without using third applications, enabled word-phrase search, with index and bookmarks and summarizing the content and objective of each document, so that the user can easily choose what concerns him.

instant switch between companies

Ability to quickly switch between companies that the user has access to, with one click, without need to disconnect and reconnect.

user actions history

History of the user’s actions in the system, with the possibility of direct repeat (recall the process with those parameters), deletion of history.

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screen capture

Useful functionality for communication with another user (sending a specific data image, graphic tools for highlighting screen points, image storage, etc.).

entity fast preview

Summary information of a client, an item, an invoice etc, fast display pop-up, embedding geo-map and/or image (if any).

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multiple display support

For job positions with multiple responsibilities, the system can “share” the information that the user processes, extracting part of it to another monitor, for exploitation of the larger space, for simultaneous monitoring, for parallel processing, for collaborations, etc.

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