Unique visualization components

Unique visualization components

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All tasks and transactions of the specific entity grouped in one place, accessible at any time, with drill-down ability. It displays all events by date with the respective summary information (e.g. for a customer, the meetings, offers, orders, any shipping of materials, invoices, payments, etc.).


Ready, focused, summary cards with performance and efficiency metrics (KPIs) for items, customers, sellers, suppliers, projects.

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project GANTT chart

At a glance, time-arranged, the phases of the project, the resource assignments, the work parallels and the anticipated end.

document history diagram

The entire history of an order (or supply request or goods receipt or any type of document) is displayed through diagram with all the documents involved (e.g. multiple deliveries for the same order, items / quantities included, etc.) giving a complete picture for the case, with drill down capabilities.

contact network

The roles, the relationships and the connections between companies and individuals are presented in a supervisory scheme of the existing network around a customer, a group of companies, a salesman, an employee, etc.

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