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Entersoft OLAP

New User Interface (UI) with a variety of possibilities for alternative presentation, graphic display, color code in numerical sizes, depth, analysis and grouping of data & business dimensions.

Microsoft Power BI connector

Data mining from both Entersoft Business Suite Data Database and ready-made data sets (e.g entities) properly pre-designed for statistical analysis.

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SQL Server analysis services

Entersoft Business Suite uses this analytics engine for business reporting and data warehousing access with speed and accuracy. SQL analysis services allow for multidimensional database models, embedded calculations and analysis for historical or Big Data. This solution can be used to answer complex questions from huge databases, without a bottleneck on the “production system” and to support and enhance administrative strategic decisions.

Entersoft Analyzer

With Entersoft Analyzer®, every business executive can access information from any Entersoft system (reports & business analysis reports) or combination of on-line systems at any time, from anywhere, through any smart device (smartphone, tablet, smart TV), through a web browser.

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Dynamic Financial reporting to Excel

An extremely easy-to-use system for creating financial reports, key performance indicators (KPIs) and any combined information data report, incorporating the capabilities offered by MS Excel (tools, functions, graphs, typed entry cells), using the primary and reliable ERP data to feed Excel (via simple dialogs), with the ability to save and recalculate accounting sheets.

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