Welcome to the amazing 2020 series

The new generation of Entersoft apps for the new decade is changing the way we use business software to date.

user interface

Boosting of the user experience with fluent design options that promote productivity combined with SIMPLICITY. From the sign-in screen to navigation, search, multiple levels of visibility options (where something needed, if needed, to the analysis needed) for easy familiarity and self-training of users, the system resets the user interface through a true Windows 10 experience.

smart data access

Easy access to all information in multiple ways, translation, grammar correction, optical character recognition from images, etc.

collaboration features

…such as user chats, sharing information of any type, notifications for system or business events through a registration system for each alert, build and share “cases” with relevant content (briefcase) and many more…

Workflow designers

Innovative process design tools, validation checks, approval flows and any additional functions that describe the organization of the business and are not included in the ready-to-use typical product processes. Power Automate Process Flow, Business Automations and Business Rules with understandable structure, ready events, organized terminology & nomenclature, easy test of correctness.

unique visualization components

Unique information visualization components, such as document history diagram, entity timeline, contact network, project planning Gantt etc.

advanced analytics

Powerful tools for information analysis and transformation into useful facts and measures, for lead to conclusions and documented decisions: Entersoft OLAPs, MS Power BI, SQL Server Analysis Services Cubes, Entersoft Web BI, Embedded Dynamic Excel.

Machine Learning

The machine learning models are trained by data “patterns”, predicting their future behavior. The system “hides” the complexity of the models and proposes their specific application in areas, where forecasts represent significant business value.

From processes and flows to Intelligence

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